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Started February 2022
Ghostwritten articles for SaaS SMEs

About the client

Groundswell brings product-led growth and sales-led motions together, empowering sales teams with just-in-time notifications and account prioritization based on product usage insights.

Challenges of the project

As a young startup, Groundswell didn't have much content to start with. But they wanted to be a thought leader among two different audiences—sales leaders and product-led growth marketers. They determined that their best demand gen strategy would be driven by thought leadership from PLG advocates, sales leaders and the Groundswell founding team. Groundswell had connections with product-led sales leaders, willing to share their thoughts. But the biggest challenge? Turning those insights into consistent, high-quality content.
They needed a partner to help turn the interviews, with their messy transcripts, into written, clear articles. That's where Beam came in. Beam helps create ghostwritten articles for their Substack newsletter, featuring PLG leaders from top PLG companies (like Hopin and Airtable). Groundswell runs the interview with the leader, sends the transcript over to Beam, and Beam transforms the conversations into concise, engaging articles for their newsletter.



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Substack Articles

The importance of getting (and staying) curious

As a sales leader at a rapidly growing product-led growth (PLG) organization, you have to have one thing to succeed and innovate: a curiosity mindset.

Whether you’re talking to the end-user or packaging up insights for an executive—really at any stage in the game—curiosity is your greatest asset.

Never underestimate the power of asking your prospects, “What brought you to us?” Get to know their needs. Their intent. Their path with your product. Then enable them as best you can. Provide guidance and value along the way.

At MURAL, I nurture my curiosity mindset by slowing down to speed up. I do my homework. This usually means simplify, simplify, simplify what the industry can make complex.

"In three months, we've doubled our Substack subscribers. There's no one better for content and distribution for B2B SaaS. Seriously."

Brendan Short


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