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Started April 2022
Podcast Production

About the client

Outreach helps revenue organizations automate sales engagement and act on revenue intelligence to improve their efficiency, predictability, and growth.

Challenges of the project

If you were a fly on-the-Zoom-wall of conversations taking place between Outreach's exec and community teams circa Spring 2021, you'd hear talk of "reshaping the future of Revenue Operations." Outreach saw a unique opportunity to be the leading authority on the subject. What followed was an executive-run, thought-leadership podcast to evangelize a new cohort of leaders (famously dubbed Revenue Innovators) who were breaking glass in their industries.
But "the podcast lacked strategic direction and needed a great deal of production help. It had a ton of unrealized potential" according to Outreach's Head of Community, Colin Campbell. Beam took the post-production off the team's hands; from strategic consulting, to substantive show notes, to ghost-written social media posts for their guests and team.



content looks like now:

May 29, 2022

Teachers in tech? It’s more common than you’d think.

At Lessonly by Seismic, a significant number of the employees used to be teachers.

At the time of Lessonly’s acquisition by Seismic, about 10% of their 250-300 employees were former teachers.

Harish M. and I asked Connor Burt why that is.

Conner Burt explained that teachers have the perfect mindset for RevOps:

“They get it. They can dive in and teach themselves and figure out what they need to. That makes them really great in client success roles and training roles.”

Teachers are used to working hard and are open to learning new things. They bring a "can do" attitude to the business world.

While former teachers may not have a background in tech, they get sh%&t done and can be wonderful culture adds to your organization.

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Podcast Show Notes

How to Think Like a Revenue Ecologist

Revenue Innovators

Revenue leaders: Are you thinking like an ecologist? Quick refresher: an ecologist studies how wildlife interacts with their environment. On today's episode, Conner Burt (Co-Founde r and President at Lessonly ) describes Revenue Operations' nirvana state as a "healthy wetland."

"The Revenue Innovator podcast is growing! Over 20k podcast streams in our first year—just 26 episodes! Our hosts and their C-level guests receive white-glove production service, which saves us all a whole lot of worry and headache. Even better, the strategic value of the podcast is clearer as a channel for spreading Outreach's thought leadership far and wide.

Make sure you listen to Beam's advice. I've worked closely with a few members of their team for years now, and can confidently say that these folks are the best of the best when it comes to B2B thought leadership, content marketing and using the network effect to amplify results.

Whatever they quote you, it's a steal."

Colin Campbell
Head of Community at Outreach


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