We're the Beam Team. But you can call us your content besties. 👋

We started Beam with two goals: to create better B2B content for our clients, and create better experiences for our freelancers.

After working together both in-house and as freelancers, Brooklin, Becca and Sam joined forces to create something bigger than themselves with a shared vision for excellent work and a happy team of talented individuals.

Meet the team

Becca Nash | Co-founder,
Chief Operating Officer
Becca has over five years of working in B2B content, but prefers the behind-the-scenes side of business, like making sure the right signatures are signed and making her team feel supported. This is why she's the go-to person for all things Ops.

Brooklin Nash | Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
With a decade of freelance and in-house marketing experience, Brooklin focuses on helping both clients and freelancers stand out. The memes are free.
Sam Hembree | Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer
Sam stumbled into B2B SaaS three years ago. She thrives in creative spaces and enjoys the challenge of truly engaging people with fun content.
Marisa Jackels |
Head of Content
Marisa has spent the last decade developing a career in content marketing through writing, video, podcasts, and social media. In her free time you can find her playing piano, traveling, or catching the sunset.

Our Mission

We believe excellent content begins with experts, not content marketers.
We're on a mission to reorient the role of content within the B2B go-to-market org: there isn't content marketing and then everything else. There's strategic, engaging content that connects to everything else.

Our Values

Unwavering excellence
We go above and beyond to delight the customer and offer unique value that they didn't expect or know they needed.
Honesty and Integrity
We own our mistakes. We're generous yet honest in our feedback and hold each other to a high standard.
We give more than we take; in our network, with our clients, and with our team. If we can't help, we point to someone who can.
Individual initiative
We jump into projects with self-direction and ownership, eager to learn and figure things out.
We think outside the box for specific projects and bring a big-picture imagination for growth.
We are team players who take time to listen, learn, and support the team.
We believe work should be fun. We show up with upbeat attitudes, embrace weirdness and create a safe, welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

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