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Here's what Tara has to say...

82% of buyers are more likely to trust a company when their senior executives are active on social media. 

Experts, not brands, are driving the conversation on social. 

Leaders: It’s time to lead the conversation. 

Beam can help. We’ll set you up for success on LinkedIn in 2024.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Customized Social Strategy

‍During kick off, we’ll uncover your goals for the next quarter and how social can support them. 

We’ll update your profile, dig into your areas of expertise, and outline key themes and topics to cover that will target the right people.

Monthly Interviews + 
Social Strategy Reviews

We ask you to meet with us twice per month:

1) We'll interview to fuel a month’s worth of posts.
2) We’ll meet for a social strategy review to dig into metrics, identify what’s working and areas of opportunity, and coach you through any questions. 

Daily LinkedIn Posts

With a strategic foundation in place, we’ll support your org’s broader campaigns with targeted social content. We’ll create 20 LinkedIn posts per month so that you’re starting helpful conversations every day.

Ready to become a trusted voice?

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How fast will I get posts in my hands?

The first 3-4 weeks of the project are critical. That’s when we build your Customized Social Strategy.

Once a solid foundation is laid, we jump into execution. We deliver a month’s worth of posts within 6-8 weeks of our kick off call.

Then, we deliver a batch of posts on a monthly cadence.

What’s your process like, from start to finish?

» Consultation Call: We’ll talk about your goals for the next quarter and how social can support them. 
» Purchase + Intake Form: Once signed, it’s time to fill out your intake form. 
» Week 1: Kick off. On the kick off call, we’ll walk you through our process, get you set up in our systems, and talk logistics (ITA, ideal topics, etc). 
» Week 2: Interview. We’ll send you questions for prep. We’ll gather everything we need to update your bio and inform your first batch of posts. 
» Week 3: Build. We’ll develop and document your Social Strategy Guide and make any necessary updates to your profile. 
» Week 4: Execution.
Time to jump into writing the posts! We’ll dive into the interview, cut and edit it into engaging clips, draft posts, make graphics, and more. 
» Week 7-8: Delivery. We’ll deliver a month’s worth of content. We ask for your feedback within a week of delivery, and we promise edits within 3 days of shared feedback. :)
» Monthly: After kick off and first delivery, we’ll continue delivering content every 4 weeks.

How much of a time commitment is this for me?

On a monthly basis, we ask you to meet twice for 45 minutes: once for an interview and once for a social strategy review. You should also plan to spend about 30 minutes reviewing and sharing feedback on posts once we deliver them so that we can continuously improve. 

Can I see examples of your work?

Of course! Here’s some examples out in the wild:

» VP, Demand Generation
» CEO, Co-Founder
Former Forrester Analyst

How long is the contract?

4 months (strategy month + 3 months of execution). This is a quarterly initiative. We want to make sure that we’re publishing, making improvements, and seeing results in our first quarter together. That way, you can make an informed decision about whether you’d like to continue with our support or take our foundation and DIY.