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Started Jan 2022
Longform content and Social

About the client

Dooly is a SaaS solution that helps revenue teams using Salesforce stay connected, reduce busywork, and clean up their sales processes.

Challenges of the project

Dooly has a very active content presence in the sales space, leaning on their original research (like the sales productivity article above), podcast, and a “Fire Talks” video series to support both their email and social channels.
With so much content in the works, Dooly's biggest challenge was (...wait for it, marketers) the lack of time for consistently producing quality content.



content looks like now:

May 18, 2022

How to make your sales team ♥️ their job:

1—Treat their time as precious (because it is)

Next steps aren't just for sales calls. Give them actionable next steps in every meeting.

2—Don’t forget where you came from (remember: their paycheck is your paycheck)

Show your team you’re there to help them succeed. Stop focusing on metrics during your 1:1’s, use the time for coaching instead.

3—Free them to perform at their best, and you’ll get the results you need

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Social Posts
Solution: Workflows, Not Just Notes, to Both Support CS and Improve CRM Hygiene and Customer Experiences
Case Studies

Dooly exceeded the revenue team’s productivity and collaboration needs with its Salesforce integration and custom pipeline views, which gave them unique visibility into their data that they never had before.

After they were introduced to Dooly, the ThoughtExchange team started a pilot program with a small group of Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and sales reps to assess how the tool would impact note taking, Salesforce updates, and customer interactions.

The pilot was a huge success and the team unanimously gave a thumbs up to roll Dooly out across ThoughtExchange’s Sales and Customer Success teams.

Dooly delivered customized, hands-on training and office hours sessions separately for each of the teams to ensure adoption based on their unique workflows. Although Dooly “just works” and is easy to learn, when rolling out new software to large teams, it’s important to get aligned on a consistent and repeatable process. And for the business to set expectations on usage and get buy-in on the value of using.

Thought Leadership Articles

When rockstar reps leave, companies miss everything they bring to the table:

  • The ability to be proactive
  • The innate ability to network
  • The ability to bring in the right decision-makers
  • The communication skills and efficiency to get the deal done when going head-to-head with a competitor

With a top performer, I want to do everything in my power to get the heck out of their way and let them do what they do best.

So—how do we do that at Dooly? Keep reading to find out.

"We have seen case studies play a role in the content-influenced journey to demo requests. And with additional social support from Beam, Dooly saw an increase of over 14,000 LinkedIn followers in 3 months. "

Camille Trent
Head of Content


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