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Closing the Content Gap: What We Learned From Talking to 400+ GTM Pros

Beam Team
April 10, 2024

Content marketers are not order takers. They’re strategic partners. They're storytellers and interpreters and deep thinkers who make their customers and audience the stars of the show.

No more treating “content” as an isolated function that cranks out cookie-cutter, keyword-stuffed blog posts. Let’s pave the way for something better: top-notch content marketing that’s understood, advocated for, and bought into by leadership and the broader GTM org.


To make that happen, we gathered a wide range of perspectives from 400+ people on both sides of the gap:

  • 73 content marketers 
  • 335 other folks across GTM functions 
  • SMEs (content and non-content folks)
  • Our social network (thoughtful takes on LinkedIn)

We broached topics such as content marketing as a function, communication and collaboration, metrics, content’s impact on business goals, who needs to be involved in content creation, and what success looks like for today’s content marketers.

Give me the highlights

Content marketing through the broader org’s eyes


Collaboration between content marketing and the GTM org


Measuring the true impact of content

We asked content marketers: “Are there specific content marketing metrics that you believe are misunderstood or undervalued by other departments?”


We asked non-content marketers: “How does B2B content marketing contribute to achieving the org’s broader business goals?”


We asked everyone: “What is the primary metric for measuring content success at your company?”


Looking to the future and adapting to the noise



A few things you should know:

This report is free and ungated. No, we’re not going to ask for your email address.

It’s valuable—chock-full of insights from your favorite GTM pros. 

It’s not boring AF—quite the opposite, actually. 


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